The balance of the Alpine economic and social ecosystem has always been complex and delicate. Today even more: squeezed between an evolving and monopolizing tourism and a long agricultural, artisanal and also industrial tradition that must transform for a globalized market.

Strong ageing of the resident population and depopulation of small municipalities not affected by tourism are two critical factors that could be partially offset by policies to attract young people and families in smart working.

Certainly VISIONALPS has a strong focus on the tourist industry but also wants to be useful for all economic, agricultural, industrial operators and craftsmen present. In particular, energy, mobility & transport and health are the alpine fields where digital transformation can be a “game changer” and where we will pay more attention.

All this can be done only if digital infrastructures (not just connectivity) are up to the social and economic challenges of the coming decades. VISIONALPS is also designed for Alpine companies and small administrations facing major challenges for their survival.