In September 2019  on the occasion of the Smart City Now event and thanks to the assignment of the Milan Cortina Winter Olympics 2026, we hosted a first meeting dedicated to exploring how emerging digital technologies might be helpful to the upcoming winter Olympics business operators and visitors, as well as to the Alpine world digital transformation.

Now that the pandemic has created serious economic problems to the Alpine world, it is necessary to think about the restart and what the scenarios of development of the Alps will be. Undeniably a digital “acceleration” will take place in the tourist offer and in the production, agricultural and social fields as well.

Olympics PNRR funding needs projects based mainly on innovability (sustainable innovation) and ESG supported by emerging digital technologies such as 5G, Iot and Artificial Intelligence, but also AR/VR, Blockchain and Digital ID as SPID.

Based on these technology, economic and social impulses, the newborn VISIONALPS project aims to build the first B2B initiative in Italy for the Digital Transformation of Alps.